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wait a minute this isn’t my homework

this is tumblr

how did this happen

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The memorial in Godric’s Hollow from the perspective of muggles and wizards.

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If you see this somewhere on my blog, this means I am NOT a 4Channer.

If I start posting gore and porn, THAT IS NOT ME. I HAVE BEEN HACKED.

If you want to reblog this, take a screenshot of it on your blog so that you have solid proof.

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Anonymous said: Do you have any progress pictures?


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RDJ is 5’ 8½”

Gwyneth (5’ 9”) and we know she is wearing killer heels ALL the time


Chris (6’ 0½”)



Problem solved.


I think I just bloody died scrolling down and seeing rdj wearing heels.

always reblog rdj in his hooker heels

oh my god

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Albus Severus Potter starts Herbology at Hogwarts

"Hey Professor Longbottom; My father says I was named after the bravest man he ever knew, did you know-"

"Well, It’s nice to meet you, Neville Potter"

"Actually, it’s-"

"It’s Neville. Your name is Neville"

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hey friend you are not too big or too small your legs are not gross and your tummy is definitely not gross. look down!!!! u are an abstract cosmic entity contained in some skin and muscle and bone!!!!! do u eVEN KNOW HOW COOL THAT IS?//?

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found two kitties cuddling by the sea

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i love two gallants bcause sometimes its all chill pretty lazy guitar music and sometimes its LOUD RASPY YELLING WITH ELECTRIC GUITARS and there is no in between